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Introducing an all new voting system
The Stampdeal™

New, Revolutionary & Precise

The highest form of rating a fan can award a talent. Where in return the fan gets rewarded. A unique system that only allows you to vote once every 30 days.

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Road to becoming a Judge

The Value Point System™

Have you ever dreamt of becoming greater than Simon Cowell? Start Stampdealing the best artists out there, get rewarded and get recognized! Level up become a Judge!

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Unlocking an Investment for your Star

The Plus System™

The system is latent and the results can only be seen by the admins, it is placed to evaluate every talent on the system and see how many fans are willing to invest and how much.

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Explore RVLroom™

  • All about you : Let everybody know who you are

    A Talent? Let your fans know more about you, understand you, for they will be the tool towards your success.
    A Fan? Let the talents and likeminded fans get to know who is on their side. Collaboration is the key to success.

  • Badges : Are you a Singer, a Writer, or an Actor

    Add value to your profile by earning badges, some are easy ; some are near-impossible, how many badges will you earn?

  • Audition : Find the Perfect People for the Perfect Job

    At RVLTOO only original work can be uploaded. As such, The audition section was created for those who posess a talent but in need of others to interpret their work to succeed. Is your band missing a piece? Complete the puzzle in the Audition Section where you can find Song Writers, Singers, Guitarists, Drummers and many more. Collaborate and compete with the Originals.

  • Sessions & Stampshare : Share a thought - Share a Stampdeal™

    The beauty of the Stampdeal does not only lie in it's unique features. With StampShare likeminded friends are able to Screen and Stamp Talents all at the same time and sharing the rewards equally. Featuring RVL-Sessions where you can invite your friends to view a talent's work together and decide if he or she or they are worthy of your Stampdeal.

The Y-Rate System's Exact Rating

The rating on RVLTOO is from 1 to 100, therefore there is a much more accurate way of rating a talent's abilities and the sum of their work. A rating of 85 or higher requires you to leave a comment with 50 words or more to express the reason why you gave a talent a high rating. On the other hand rating a talent with a 45 or lower requires you to explain why they deserved a lower rating.'

Reading, Viewing and Listening Ahead

Stampdeal is a superpower that you can only use once every 30 days, RVLTOO allows you to create a Queue of potential candidates for your next Stampdeal. MyMaybes is a function that was created to help fans decide who deserves their next Superpower. Sporting a weekly email report that lets you in on the latest status of all your Maybes to help you make your decisions for your next Definitely.

Real People, Real Levels of Verification

RVLTOO strives to create a community fueled by interactions of real people, real talents, real fans, real feedback and real results. Therefore we have built a verification system that ensures that the RVLCommunity experiences a better and much more personal interaction that eventually results to a mutually successful outcome. Each user will have their verification level attached to their profile.

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StampDeal on the go yo!

Our App is currently under development, once it is ready we will send you an email with the necessary download links. Until then, Please stay tuned!

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